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Thank you for your interest in Berkshire Terrace Apartments. We specialize in offering a pleasant, quiet environment and excellent service for IV student housing. We want to make your Isla Vista rental experience the best possible.

For your convenience, leasing will be done on site at Berkshire Terrace! Submit your application online!.

(Requirements: Monthly income should be 3 times the amount of rent if not, you will need a co-signer/Third Party Guarantor.) The guarantor will need to submit their application online and click the GUARANTOR box.


Any questions feel free to email

Apply online:


You will need the free Adobe Acrobat to view these PDF forms. To download, click here.

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Rental Application Cleaning Suggestions
IV Third Party guarantee of lease Obligation Forwarding Address
IV Continuing Resident Application Lease Assignment
 RM Sample Lease Security Deposit Release
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